Sunday, April 26, 2015

Frezh Mag's Model Spotlight with ANTM @NaimaMora

@FrezhMagazine: Who do you consider to be the biggest influences in your life? @NaimaMora:I really look up to my grandmother. She was an incredible woman and figure in my life who showed me that I could be successful as an artist. She taught me that you can have success with integrity and dignity. She inspired me! @FrezhMagazine: thats great! How Long have you been into Modeling and Music? @NaimaMora: Well my parents are musicians so I actually grew up in a musical household. I was so very into theater and performing for so long that I think it was really quite natural that I broke into music for my self. I have been working with Galaxy Of Tar for a couple of years now, but I'm actually very excited to be working on a new solo project soon! Modeling was kind of introduced to me by my good friend and talented makeup artist Hiyiyatun Muqaribu. I became a muse of hers and then i decided to start modeling. I really began my career when I was about 19 years old in NYC modeling. @FrezhMagazine: What are some of your latest projects? @NaimaMora: Well I'm super excited about my new solo work as a vocalist! Its going to be somewhat of a departure from rock. I've been writing a lot and working on some really music. Its soooo exciting! Beside that I have been doing a lot of work modeling! I just got back from Guatemala where I shot the cover for LOOK Magazine! WooHoo! Another cover down! I also shot the cover of SU Magazine this past week in Portland and will be shooting the cover of WALK Magazine in Michigan this coming weekend. Thats three magazine covers in a year! Woo Hoo!Out side of that I did a TEDx talk where i was fortunate to be able to share my experience of visiting Nelson Mandela's prison cell in South Africa. He was such an inspiring person and I am glad I was able to pay him a small homage on such a profound platform before he passed.I am also re-releasing my first book MODEL BEHAVIOR this month on Amazon! I hope to have it out within the week. …. so a lot going on! @FrezhMagazine: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? @NaimaMora: WOW !!! I'd actually like to work on a clothing line soon. Tour the world as a musician and inspire millions of people! I try not to think that far down the line… usually I just envision what big thing I want to accomplish and go after it. Then when I achieve that success I think of bigger ones! @FrezhMagazine: What's your top 5 favorite clothing brands? @NaimaMora: Hahaha! Thats a hard one… well I have always loved McQueen and their house continues to create amazing things! Gareth Pugh is another genius! Balmain is incredible! Alon Livne is a new favorite as well. And I actually shop a lot at Forever 21! HAhaha! @FrezhMagazine: ahh see you know your fashion ! niceee so What's your favorite Designer high heel? @NaimaMora:Believe it or not… can't say that I have one favorite heel designer… @FrezhMagazine: What do you look for in Men? @NaimaMora: Honesty and confidence! I always try to achieve personal success, its what fulfills myself and my life. With success though, others become insecure. Its really becoming very tiring how insecure men can be around me and how it will lead them to do mean and stupid things. @FrezhMagazine: For all the fellas out there, Are you single? @NaimaMora: YES! @FrezhMagazine: If there's any thing you could say to fans you have what would it be? A lot of people ask me that… I would say listen closely to your heart. Be patient with her and kind to your heart. Follow your heart, because it doesn't lie. And work like hell to make her dreams come true! Success is made, not given. @FrezhMagazine: And Lastly who has the best online magazine in the world lol? @NaimaMora: Tribe Called Frezh!

New Bape Line? -- Mr. Bathing Ape !

im very excited on this wave of new bathing ape, a frezh gentlemen on the way haha

Frezh Mag's Model Spotlight w/ @ClaudiaLopezTV

@FrezhMagazine: Who do you consider to be the biggest influences in your life? @CLAUDIALOPEZTV:I'm not influenced by many "normal" people, or even by other actors/entertainers (one would think since I'm in the industry), but I am more influenced by people who have made a difference, humanitarians. There isn't one in particular, but any individual who make me want to be a better person. People like mother Teresa, Dr. Martin L. King, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates etc. @FrezhMagazine: How Long have you been into Modeling? @CLAUDIALOPEZTV:I've been in the industry since I was 15, then, throughout high school, college and there after (Although I've done way more than my share of shoots, I've never considered myself a model...acting and tv hosting has always been my passion and my forte). @FrezhMagazine: What are some of your latest projects? @CLAUDIALOPEZTV:We shot a tv show for Univision right before finding out I was expecting, then right after I did a couple of maternity shoots for an artist who is selling the piece at an art gallery in Miami, and also did work for a maternity I'm getting back into shape with a few projects in the horizon. I have a offer to do work with Telemundo, and in the beginning of 2014, I will also begin to host a new season of GNO tv show (on demand). @FrezhMagazine: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? @CLAUDIALOPEZTV:I will still be a loving & supportive full time mommy, and God willing, I will also be part of a television show as a commentator/host and/or I will (also) be part of production and post production...hopefully writing my own pieces like I've done in the past. @FrezhMagazine: What's your top 5 favorite clothing brands? @CLAUDIALOPEZTV:Well, since I've always been a curvaceous woman, I have to lean towards the designers who create for women with lots of curves. I'd have to say Hervè Lèger. As far as brands, Bebe and guess by Marciano usually hugs my curves just right, without making it look sleazy. @FrezhMagazine: What's your favorite Designer high heel? @CLAUDIALOPEZTV:Cristian Louboutin, of course. I loved those red bottoms even before Trina and the rest of the media decided to promote them. For a less sexy, and more classy look, you cannot go wrong with a pair of Manolo Blahnik or Dior. And I'll always stay loyal to the bebe brand, so Bebe shoes also make the cut. @FrezhMagazine: What do you look for in Men? @CLAUDIALOPEZTV:I know it sounds like such a cliche, but a good sense of humor, intelligence, and loyalty were always in my top priority. I also looked for a man who isn't necessarily rich, but who has his stuff together. I don't care what anyone says, but I'm sure all women find a hardworking, successful man sexy. @FrezhMagazine: Are you single? @CLAUDIALOPEZTV:With my career, I thought I would be for a long time! But right after the VH-1 project, I found a man secure enough to be with less than a year he proposed, and now we're married. @FrezhMagazine: If there's any thing you could say to fans you have what would it be? @CLAUDIALOPEZTV:Above all, I'd like to thank them for their support; and if I can share a few words of wisdom with them, they would be...Believe in yourself especially during those times when no one else believes in you; go after your dreams, and even if you fail, just remember that all the great ones failed before they reached success. @FrezhMagazine: And Lastly who has the best online magazine in the world lol? @CLAUDIALOPEZTV: It has got to be a fresh magazine 😉