Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dose Of Dope: White Widow Feminized

White Widow Feminized Marijuana has been said to be the strongest weed in the world. So much THC it can cover the bud until it actually looks like a snowball, no green will be visible if grown to it's optimum. It Possesses the most Cannabis Cup Awards. What we all wouldn't do for a hit. LOL.

Outdoor Marijuana Strain Type : Indica
Yield : up to 700 gram / square meter
Height : 250-300 cm
Climate : outdoor / greenhouse
Flowering period: 8/10 wk's
Harvest: End of Sept


L McFly said...

firt of i wanna say this is my kinda blog lol it covers everything i do

Get Fresh
and Weed lol

yo keep up the good work

but yo i went to ansterdam in august for my b-day and had white widow this shit is HELLLLLAAA good it will get u fucked up

I Prefer Budda Sister but hey thats me anywayz diggin the blog tryin to get miones like urs

Stay fly

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Patrick Perry said...

I would like to use this photograph for a new buisness.

I would like to make a label to sell worm castings with this photograph as a background with printing over it.

Who do I contact?