Friday, October 16, 2009

Artist Steeze Urkle Sits Down with G.E.D. Inc. Artist: Gata

We had a chance to exchange words in an interview with the young artist Gata.Heres an insight of the interview.enjoy: )

A.T.C.F-Who do you consider to be the biggest influences in your life?
Gata-Anybody who ever had a positive life changing dream and made it come true.

A.T.C.F-How Long have you been rapping?
Gata-I been rapping for 6yrs.

A.T.C.F-Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Gata-I see myself still on my grind. Can't predict the future. But I pray that 10 yrs from now, I'm often talked about as one of the dopest artist to come from the West Coast

A.T.C.F-Why do you do music?
Gata-I do music to express what's goin on in my mind and to keep people up to date. Also because I enjoy the feeling that I get when people tell me they like,respect and enjoy my music.

A.T.C.F-What's your top favorite clothing brands?
Gata-Don't have one. There's too many clothing lines that offer some nice stuff.

A.T.C.F-Who's the best lyrically in today's hip hop?
Gata-Nas. Jay Z. Lil Wayne.Tyga.GaTa.Andre 3000.School Boy Q.Most Def.Common.Talib Kweli (and that's no specific order)

A.T.C.F-What's your favorite sneaker?
Gata-Nike Dunks

A.T.C.F-What do you look for in women?

A.T.C.F-Are you single?
Gata-Naw my bitch is my money. Money is my bitch.

A.T.C.F-If there's any thing you could say to fans you have what would it be?
Gata-Thanks for the support. Keep supporting G.E.D Inc. We appreciate it. TYGA album in stores now "No Introduction". Thanks again

A.T.C.F-And who has the best blog site in the world lol?
Gata-The blog your reading now!!!!!!!

Big ups to Gata,Tyga,Lil Wayne and the whole G.E.D. Inc. and Young Money family.singing off.

-A Tribe Called Frezh-

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