Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Frezh Mags Tuesday Model Spotlight interview w/ @ModelGabbyLane

@FrezhMagazine: Who do you consider to be the biggest influences in your life? @ModelGabbyLane:My parents are my biggest influences in my life. We have been through so much and continue to take on tough challenges like its nobodys business. Between a single dad.for half my life and a step mom getting to raise a teenaged girl..they had theyre work cut out for them and they never gave up on me. @FrezhMagazine: How Long have you been into Modeling? @ModelGabbyLane: Ive dabbled with modeling for 6 years or.so but just recently really gotten into it in the past year. @FrezhMagazine: What are some of your latest projects? @ModelGabbyLane: Playboy golf was a project I recently participated in and I did really well with it. Im always looking for new things to do that will both excite and challenge me .I have quite a few other projects at hand, but youlll have to wait around with me and find out ;) @FrezhMagazine: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? @ModelGabbyLane: Successfully raising my little boy is all I can think about doing for the.next 18 years. @FrezhMagazine: What's your top 5 favorite clothing brands?@ModelGabbyLane: Free people, true religion, Abercrombie, Victoria secret, and guess. @FrezhMagazine:What's your favorite Designer high heel? @ModelGabbyLane:christian louboutin @FrezhMagazine: What do you look for in Men? @ModelGabbyLane: Honesty, driven, good hygiene, CONFIDENCE in themselves, and obviously a lover;) @FrezhMagazine:Are you single? @ModelGabbyLane: Very @FrezhMagazine:If there's any thing you could say to fans you have what would it be? @ModelGabbyLane: Simply put..thank you. Ive been through so much the last few years and they definitely keep me going .they help me refocus on.whats important and what is not. @FrezhMagazine:And Lastly who has the best online magazine in the world? @ModelGabbyLane: Silly question, you guys duh;)

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