Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Frezh Mags Tuesday Model Spotlight interview w/ @CiaRaBerri

@FrezhMagazine: Who do you consider to be the biggest influences in your life? @CiaRaBerri: First off let me start off by saying thank you for this opportunity. I greatly appreciate it! I can honestly say the biggest influences in my life are my munchkins. They are my life. My heart and soul. They motivate me to do better, want more, and just straight strive for nothing but the best! They keep me pushing. @FrezhMagazine: How Long have you been into Modeling? @CiaRaBerri: I've been modeling for sometime now. I think 3 years to be exact @FrezhMagazine: What are some of your latest projects? @CiaRaBerri:Some of my latest projects include a few hair shoots for a great stylist out in Cleveland. Just prepare to see red *wink wink* @FrezhMagazine: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? @CiaRaBerri:In 10 years I'm hoping to have an established children's clothing line, along with being a children's fashion stylist! As you can see I loveeee the kids lol @FrezhMagazine: What's your top 5 favorite clothing brands? @CiaRaBerri: I can honestly say that I'm really not to into brand names. I'm like a chameleon....I can find a piece of clothing worth $1 and make it look like I paid $100s. It's all about having a little bit of style. It's the same with shoes. Being that I love shoes period I just buy them for my health lol. @FrezhMagazine: What do you look for in Men? @CiaRaBerri: I need a man that is strong and independent. I have my own children I don't need a man that acts like a child! He also needs to have a sense of humor and a good personality. @fREZHMAGAZINE aRE YOU SINGLE? @CiaRaBerri:I'm currently still in a relationship with the father of my children @FrezhMagazine:If there's any thing you could say to fans you have what would it be? @CiaRaBerri:One thing I want to say to all the fans I have is that I love allllllll of you and thank you for alllllll your support. Being a short model is hard and I'm no where near famous and you guys and girls are some riders! I appreciate y'all! @FrezhMagazine:And Lastly who has the best online magazine in the world? @CiaRaBerri: And of course FREZH MAGAZINE!

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